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At The Fantasy Review, we want to help you in any way we can! Whether you are a bookseller or author looking to advertise your book, we have a bunch of services we offer. All the following advertising options are FREE!

  • Cover Reveals
  • Book Excerpts
  • News Features
  • Unboxing Articles
  • Author/Bookseller Interviews

We have more informaton about each advertising option below. If you have a different idea you would like to pitch to us, please let us know!

Why Advertise With Us?

The Fantasy Review has been publishing book-related articles for over five years, and has had over 7.5 million pageviews in 2023 so far (as of September 8th 2023). That’s a lot of eyes on our little corner of the internet!

We used to have paid options for advertising, but have moved away from that. Authors, especially indie authors, already have so many expenses, so why should they have even more?


More Information About Advertising Options

Cover Reveals

If you have a new book coming out, we can host a cover reveal to help you hype up the latest release! The article can include any information about the book you want, including links to preorder, etc.

Book Excerpts

Just as it sounds, this article would be a book excerpt of your choice, helping to promote a new release or any book you wanted (so long as it is yours!).

News Features

Related in some respects to both cover reveals and book excerpts, if you have a new book coming out, or a book promotion coming up, or any other news you want sharing, that can be written up into a news feature. 

Unboxing Articles

If you want to send us something to open up (thank you!), we will take lots of photos and write up an informative article about said items. This could be a new book release, or anything else you want to promote to our audience.

Author/Bookseller Interviews

We have hosted many interviews on The Fantasy Review, with authors, booksellers, and content creators. Some of our previous interviews have been with: Martha Wells, Ken Liu, Daniel Greene, and The Broken Binding. You can see all our previous interviews here.

Specific Product Reviews

We currently are not taking review requests for books, however we are happy to review special editons of books (as we have done so in the past, see here and here), or products our audience might be interested in. We will have to ask for review copies of these products in advance of writing a review.

Bespoke Options

If you are running an advertising campaign for a book, service, or product, we can offer bespoke advertising options to suit your needs. Just contact us with your requirements and we will come up with something together.

Contact Us

You can contact us by emailing: fantasybookreviewsonline (at) gmail (dot) com (email is written like that to get rid of spam!). Pop “Advertising” in the subject line, please, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also message us on social media:

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