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Book Review: Seeds of War by Joao Silva

The Wulver Library’s Review of Seeds of War by João Silva

Publisher’s Blurb

GIMLORE is a single mother and war veteran turned crime boss set on protecting her family and her town.

ORBERESIS is a petty thief pretending to be God to protect a terrible secret.

REDNOW is the world’s most feared mercenary, but his best days are behind him and there’s one job left to do.

In a world of dangerous monsters and devastating smoke magic, the seeds of war are being planted. Allies must be treasured, and enemies defeated.

The Smokesmiths is a gritty epic fantasy series with a harsh world of smoke magic, alien creatures, and ancient secrets where characters do their best to come out on top. Peace will not last.

Review of Seeds of War

Review of Seeds of War

Seeds of War is a brilliant self-published fantasy novel by João F. Silva that is full of grit, mystery and an outstanding story.

I was part of the beta read but I’ll be honest and say that reading the full product was an amazing new experience. We are thrust into an exciting new world filled with brutal characters and intense politics. The mystery of the magic described by Silva is intriguing and the plot itself is one that was woven through our main characters and their own individual circumstances. The world-building itself was top notch and I love that Silva provided illustrations of the creatures at the start of the novel. It reminded me of those RPG games where you get the bestiary and look back on it to read more. That’s what I wanted to do here, I wanted to read more about the world, the lore, the creatures, the politics, and everything involved.

I enjoyed each character was vastly different. There’s an appreciation for those that can sell stories from different ages and Silva has created a sense of longing in each character from each perspective. The smoke itself was a great magic system – inhaling smoke to have new abilities and it’s something that was worked well throughout this story.

This story was an amazing addition to the genre, and I cannot wait to see where João F. Silva takes us next!

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