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Secret Invasion Full Series Review

Spoiler Free – Secret Invasion Full Series Review

With the sixth and final episode having dropped, Secret Invasion has finished and we finally have the full story. Was it an amazing TV show? Not really, but it wasn’t a failure either. There were plenty of great moments mixed in with the mediocre. 

Secret Invasion attempted to do what Logan did, bringing back an ageing hero for one last fight. These are two very different types of people and stories, but the premise is kind of the same, and one I think excited a lot of viewers. 

secret invasion full series review

Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) is a fan favourite, a spy who’s secrets have secrets. That’s why we love him! In Secret Invasion all secrets are finally brought into the open, and with that goes the magic of Nick Fury’s character. 

Jackson’s performance is outstanding in the role, but the material he had to work with made for uneventful viewing. Slow burn spy thrillers are fun and exciting; there was very little to see below the surface-level writing in this show, though. 

It is hard to see how Secret Invasion fits in with these new phases of the MCU, and whether it is a show worth watching at all. If you like the character of Nick Fury because he’s always got a trick up his sleeve, I wouldn’t bother watching this.

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