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Will Wight’s Cradle Books in Order

Here is a list of Will Wight’s Cradle Books in Order.

Unsouled (2016)

cradle books in order

From the blurb:

Lindon is born Unsouled, the one person in his family unable to use the magical Paths of the sacred arts. He uses every trick and technique he can borrow or steal to improve his life, but it seems he will never be able to join the ranks of the truly powerful.

Until the heavens descend and show him the future.

When Lindon becomes the only one who sees the approaching doom, he must leave his homeland to save it…and to see how far he can go by walking his own Path.

The Cradle series is the best-selling example of the Progression Fantasy subgenre, which includes works of fantasy where the primary plot revolves around a character growing more powerful in their use of magic. Cradle is high-stakes, fast-paced, and action-focused, with minimal time dedicated to world-building, and as such the books are lean and focused. The series is often compared to anime, with fans using phrases like “anime in book form” or “fantasy novels meet Dragon Ball Z,” emphasizing the story’s specialty of loud and colorful super-powered battles.

Soulsmith (2016)

cradle books in order

Blackflame (2017)

cradle books in order

Skysworn (2017)

cradle books in order

Ghostwater (2018)

cradle books in order

Underlord (2019)

Uncrowned (2019)

Wintersteel (2020)

Bloodline (2021)

Reaper (2021)

Dreadgod (2022)

Waybound (2023)

cradle books in order

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