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Slaves of the Mastery by William Nicholson: Book Review

Written with the same passion and cinematic scope as the first book in the series, ‘Slaves of the Mastery’ picks up the story of siblings Kestrel and Bowman five years on from the closing chapter of ‘The Wind Singer’. The city of Aramanth has become a kinder place, but in becoming kinder it has also become weaker, making it the perfect target for the ruthless soldiers of the Mastery. After a swift and brutal battle that leaves the city burned and the Manth people destined for slavery, Kestrel finds herself alone, angry and bitterly sworn to wreak her own revenge. But first she must find her beloved brother Bowman, and he in turn must find a way of understanding the secrets of the mysterious Singer people. Only then can the pair begin to strike out against the Mastery and begin a voyage that will bring the Manth people back to their former stature.(Goodreads)
My Review
Rating: 4/5
I definitely preferred the second book to the first. It was just so much more exciting; introducing new and fantastic characters plus new destinations in Nicholson’s world which have the most beautiful settings.
It is a horrific story in places where it is written realistically but this only made me want to read on.
I thought this was a wonderful sequel to The Wind Singer as it focused on a wider amount of characters who were written in with no holes to their characterisations.
Absolutely brilliant!

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