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The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan: Book Review

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My Rating: 5/5


The book begins slowly

The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan takes around 10 chapters for our protagonists to leave on their journey. I enjoyed this. Emond’s Field is a Shire-like setting, essentially detached from the rest of the world.

It is safe and homely, filled with country people and their country ways. There may be many similarities between this book and The Fellowship of the Ring, but even Jordan said that it was intentional, and it worked well.

I loved how Robert Jordan didn’t hide his inspiration and just went for it.

The story itself is certainly a travelogue

It was wonderful to explore the world in The Eye of the World through the eyes of our main character, Rand, who had never set foot out of the Two Rivers region.

Robert Jordan’s writing style is melodic and soothing; like a grandpa telling you a story by the fire. This is pure, undisturbed fantasy at its core, and I loved it.

Despite the many pages and chapters of traveling and descriptions, when things get tense you know about it! Robert Jordan suddenly whisks you into the fold and you feel like you’re running or fighting alongside Rand and the others. When it gets hairy, your blood will start pumping!

This is the first book in a 14-book series of over 4 million words

You might be looking at The Eye of the World, this 800+ page book, and be wondering if it’s worth getting into – it really is!

Once you dive into The Eye of the World, the detailed characterisation and the engaging world will take you in and never let go.

 (Possible) SPOILER SECTION No spoilers for this review of The Eye of the World – I might come back to it in the future, or possibly start writing some discussion posts on the books and characters of the series.

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  1. I was surprised how much was set up so early, like you, I enjoyed the ‘Shire’ like opening, which was good to savour before it all goes mental.

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