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Amazon’s LoTR TV Show, What Do You Want to See? // Tolkien TV Talk

So, Amazon are making a TV show based on the Second Age in Tolkien’s Legendarium. For those who are fans of Peter Jackson’s films, and those who may have read The Lord of the Rings and/or The Hobbit, the question ‘What is the Second Age?’ might have been the first thing you googled.

I am by no means the most well-read Tolkien fan (by this I mean I have only read The Silmarillion once and am yet to read Unfinished Tales). However, I have done a lot of reading and research into Tolkien’s Legendarium.

In preparation for the Amazon show’s release (hopefully some time in 2020 – or at least this is what Amazon have told us so far) I have been slowly rereading The Silmarillion and delving into the lore and mythology, making copious notes so that you don’t have to! (That is, if you just want to watch the show).

I have lots of notes and as I read I will make more. My hope is to explore the events of the Second Age in relation to making a TV show out of it (Amazon have the rights to at least 5 seasons so we can hope for a lot!).

What I want to know is, what do you want me to talk about? This is a request for keen Tolkien fans and those who are less knowledgeable on the content. What major events are you excited about and what should I focus my future posts on?

Let me know in the comments below if you have any requests for posts! And follow the site to be updated on future announcements.

(In the future, you can expect at least 1 post a week about the upcoming Tolkien Amazon TV show!)

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