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Why I’m Excited for ‘Joker’ (And you should be too!)

‘Joker’ is coming out on October 4th and I’m ecstatic!


Reason 1: I want a good DC film. I don’t care who made it or whatever – what I mean is, I want a film based on a DC character to be good, for once. And I think this film might just be good (I’ll say brilliant or great when I see it – if it is).

Reason 2: If you have seen Joaquin Phoenix in ANYTHING, you will know how brilliant he is. There is a great video essay on his acting on youtube (by Nerdwriter2 I think… don’t quote me) if you haven’t seen him in anything. My favorite of his films is ‘Her’ which I have seen too many times to be normal.

Reason 3: The character of the Joker is one of the best ever created. The Killing Joke graphic novel solidified the Joker’s title role on the villain hall of fame (I might have made that up). My point stands, however. The sheer anarchy of his character is incredible. So many villains in books and films and TV are presented at first to be similar in their quest for chaos, but they always have an ulterior motive for money, power, sex, wherever. I am here for anarchy.

Reason 4: And this is the final reason (no particular order) – The film is going to be (apparently) looking at the events that made the Joker this iconic character. I know that there won’t be exact, or even close textual continuity or anything, but that doesn’t matter. Comic books have proven over and over again that characters can be rewritten. I am excited to see what this version of the Joker has to show about the time before all the Batman and Arkham stuff.

Anyway, that’s my list of reasons why I’m excited for Joker. Are you excited for the film or not and why? Do you even like the Joker as a character? If so, who is the best villain you can think of?

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