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The Mandalorian is the Star Wars We Need

Star Wars is dying. It’s an unfortunate truth but the truth nonetheless. The current trilogy that is coming to an end this Christmas is a relief more in the fact that it is ending than we get to see the new film at last.

Another truth, however, is that the universe in which Star Wars is set is rich and deep and HUGE! There is so much to explore, yet the films focus so much on the Jedi and the Empire and the Rebels and all of that. We’ve seen that! What we haven’t seen, however, is anything else.

The Mandalorian is the Star Wars we need right now. Watching the first two episodes made me finally excited for the franchise again.

The story itself is a slow burn. Whether it will be satisfying, complex, or full of character we will love for ever remains to be seen. I like a slow burn story though, so I’m hopeful.

The reason I have hope is the incredible effort that has gone into the series. Millions of dollars go into each episode, and you can tell. The filming is just spectacular, and the effects are the perfect mixture of new, realistic CGI, and the older, funnier special effects that hark back to the original trilogy. This may not have been the intent, but it’s what I got out of it.

Now, onto why I think this series will save the franchise.

The Mandalorian is a different story. We are following someone who is not related to a Skywalker (finally!), someone who lives amongst criminals and is scarier than them all, someone who will show the world that Star Wars can be more than Lightsabers and Sith Lords. Star Wars is a rich, diverse universe, and this show is a wonderful introduction to that (introduction for live-action screens – I am aware of the other media).

Leading on from that, if this show is successful, Disney will of course pump even more money into the franchise. There will be more tv shows, more films, depicting more and more of the universe. They can finally let the original trilogy live on in peace, and find new and exciting stories elsewhere. There is so much that they could do, and now they might finally realise that this is the case.

Have you seen the first episodes of The Mandalorian yet? What did you think? Do you think there is hope for Star Wars? Let me know in the comments or on social media.

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