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Book Review: Starsight by Brandon Sanderson

The Wulver’s Library‘s Review of Starsight by Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson’s Starsight, the sequel to Skyward, is a difficult tale of adolescence, rebellion and … aliens. In Skyward we explored Spensa’s angry, defiant traits and Starsight boosts her to a leader on the search for who she really is.

review of starsight by brandon sanderson

We begin to understand her fears as she is pushed out of her comfort zone. Spensa is a renegade to an alien hierarchy that is poaching “lesser races” under control. She must face her demons – world-eaters known as “delvers” – in space battles and trials. Spensa must covertly infiltrate a corrupt shadow government ruling through extortion, all whilst keeping her ever-growing cytonic powers secret.

In Skyward, Sanderson explored artificial and human identity. The ante is upped in Starsight as we are introduced to a plethora of alien races for Spensa to interact with. We see her back against the wall attempting to determine who she can trust.

Sanderson has taken full advantage of the universe he has built in creating unique creatures, characteristics and communications. It takes little effort to understand Starsight, an enraging ride of action and emotional resonance. It’s another project that Sanderson is out of his own comfort zone for but yet again managers to make better.

Everyone should strap in tight with Spensa on her quest. This is a journey that will take many light years.

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