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Independent Fantasy Authors that Deserve a look!

Some amazing books exist in the Independent Author community, and these are just a few. While a lot of people are caught up in the latest Traditionally Published tome by Sarah J Mass, or Tracey Wolff, they may be missing out on the underground world of Independent Fantasy Authors.

Here are just a few I’ve had the pleasure to sit down with on my show, The Author Library. I also happen to be an Independent Author myself.

The Hidden King and The Last Prince – by E.G. Radcliff

Independent Fantasy Authors

With extensive world building and a stellar storyline, E.G. manages to turn an Epic Fantasy into a seemingly quick read. Her characters are intriguing, fleshed out, and have a wonderful arc to follow. She’s even collaborated with a special typesetter and local schools to craft a Dyslexia edition for The Hidden King. The Coming of Aed Series is one that has won multiple awards, and Radcliff is working on the next installment in the series.

The Gnarium Saga and The Gnarium Academy – by C.S. Ratliff

Another series with an appeal to younger fans of Fantasy. The Gnarium Saga is a collection of four books, which follow the central character on not just an epic journey, but includes themes of learning to control emotions and the importance of knowing when and when not to choose your battles. Ratliff draws on his martial arts skills to give the reader engrossing fight scenes, and provide insight of self-balance.

Awakening by Jennifer Pezzano

Independent Fantasy Authors

Her lyrical story telling is so enjoyable, it sweeps the reader along in this adult Paranormal Romance. It is to be noted that this is for adult readers. The connection with the central characters that Pezzano is able to achieve will make the reader wish this wasn’t a stand-alone. The writing style is highly influenced by Pezzano’s love for poetry and it truly comes through in the book.

The Vampire’s of Emberbury Series by Eva Alton

This collection of delightful stories is highly enjoyable for almost any reader. A smooth and gentle pleasurable read follows flawed, yet delightful characters on their fantastic journey’s. Alba being one of my personal favorites. These books are the ultimate in Paranormal Romance for an escapist read. Eva’s also just released a special installment in December, A Winter’s Cobalt Kiss.

Why have I never heard of these?

  • The truth is that Independent books don’t get the visibility that Traditionally published books do, which is a shame. Because there are some truly fantastic books out there that don’t get their due. Independently Published books go through the same special care in crafting storylines and characters, editing, cover design, and formatting. The problem is, Independent Authors also have to market their own books, and visibility is an issue when you don’t have a multi-million dollar Traditional Publishing budget.
  • With a few exceptions, Independent Authors are very careful to provide readers with a multi-layered reading experience that rivals well-known titles in the popular section of your local bookstore. You just have to know where to find them.
  • The common misconception I run into most often is the label Self-Published or Independent being looked down on upon. As an Independent Author, who interviews other Independent Authors, I can tell you it’s undeserved in the majority. Although it does happen, we’re less likely to end up on the front page of Amazon, or the NYT Bestseller list, and it’s simply because we lack the funds and resources that major publishing houses have.
  • So, the next time you see a book you don’t recognize, but think you might enjoy, just give it a chance. Another benefit of reading Independent Authors is that we control everything about the book, we don’t have the need to conform to content that’s in demand, so you’ll see a diverse selection of Fantasy, and some really great deals.
  • One side note, if you pick up an Indie Author’s book, be kind and leave us a review on Amazon and Goodreads. We do read them, and they are greatly appreciated.

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