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Blood of Ravens Review

This is a spoiler-free Blood of Ravens review.

Blood of Ravens is Jen McIntosh’s first novel and I think it was a very solid entry into the fantasy genre. There is a large cast of characters, an immense world with an intriguing magic system that I think many people, who enjoy fantasy will find themselves falling in love with.

I really enjoyed the plot of the story. It felt fresh and new in the fantasy genre. I had no idea where she was going to take us on this wild ride! There are plenty of twists and turns that will keep readers flipping the page and when you get to the end you will be wondering what is going to happen now!


Blood of Ravens has a large cast of character we are introduced to. There are five main characters in this story with plenty of side characters that could become another main character in future installments. I enjoyed Renila’s story line the most. I thought it was pretty fascinating how the magic was affecting her.


The magic system is a huge part of this world. At first I had tons of questions about it and I still have some, but I’m excited to see it unfolds in future books. Dragons are perhaps my favorite part of the magic system and it was an interesting twist on something many people absolutely love about the fantasy genre.

One item I really wish we had a glossary to look up name pronunciations and maybe some more info on previous events. Jen does a great job explaining the world and previous events throughout the story but I think a glossary could help remind people of certain things as they are reading. I also think a lineage diagram would have been cool just to understand a little more about who is related to who. People lineage plays a massive roll in this story. This isn’t necessarily needed but would have been cool additions.

His thoughts were cut off by a ripple of power that shook the very foundations of the earth. He lurched to his feet, grasping for air, the crystal tumbler smashing to the floor as it slipped from his grasp. That thrum of magic like a fist around his heart.

blood of ravens review

Blood of Ravens was very well written. I found myself squirming when she described blood being sucked out of someone multiple times. Well done! I would say how she describes things felt similar to Robert Jordan. Maybe a little less descriptive but it had those vibes. She gives several nods to other fantasy works like Tolkien. And I thought that was a brilliant way to pay homage to the past authors who really defined this genre.

Overall, I really recommend checking this story out! This is book 1 out of a planned 5 book series! I definitely want to pick up the next book in the series! If you are interested in a new fresh story in the fantasy genre Jen McIntosh’s Blood of Raven will certainly give you that! You can tell she put the time in crafting this world and story.

4.25-4.5 Stars

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