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Book Review: The Exile by Ryan Cahill

The Wulver’s Library‘s Review of The Exile by Ryan Cahill

“War is no different to peace. It is simply more honest. Do not hesitate, do not contemplate mercy. Remember everything I have taught you.”

It is definitely my worst-kept secret that Ryan Cahill’s The Bound and the Broken series has been one of my absolute favourite breakthroughs in fantasy of recent years, so when Ryan sent me the ARC of The Exile, his latest novella set in this series, then of course I had to drop everything and read it in one sitting. The Lorain Empire took everything from Dayne. His family. His home. His people. He will carve a bloody path through Epheria. He will have his vengeance, by blade and by blood. This is his story. The story of the Exile.

review of the exile by ryan cahill

This is a story, and series, that just simply deserves to be seen and praised to the high extent of its content. Cahill has treated us time and time again to a beautiful world filled with fascinating wonder and insanely gripping action that constantly fills the story he has set out to create. He has mastered the craft of showing a character’s moving growth and takes us on a trusted journey from Dayne in the Exile to the man we meet in Of Darkness and Light. The dynamic interactions between Dayne and many familiar characters was fun to read and that’s what Cahill has managed to do most; grip the reader into being invested in character cameos and lore so that we feel fabulous excitement at each little interaction. There is a familial bond that is shown here and it’s so hard to talk about this story without spoiling it but fans of the series should just snatch this right up. I’m just utterly amazed by how Cahill can get such investment in characters in such a short page count; albeit main, side or returning characters yet still keep us enticed and ever-wanting of a story.

This year has been an amazing year for fantasy novels but Ryan Cahill keeps delivering yet another staple in the genre that I will read and re-read to digest every single detail. Once again, a series high on my recommendation list for those that want to read a breath of fresh air in fantasy that will be talked about for years to come, and many years after that. This has thrust my excitement for book three of the main series to the forefront and I cannot wait to dive back into this meticulously crafted story once again.

Thank you to Ryan Cahill again for the opportunity for me, a massive fan, to become lost in a world that makes me feel like I’m reading a classic series in the making. 

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