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Who is Jim Butcher?

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Born October 26, 1971, Jim Butcher is an American author. He is known for writing the popular Dresden Files urban fantasy series in addition to Codex Alera and Cinder Spires

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He has been publishing books since 2000. In 2007, a TV adaptation of The Dresden Files was released by SiFi to mixed reviews and was cancelled after one season.

Jim Butcher’s son, James J. Butcher, is releasing his own urban fantasy series very soon. The first book of this series is called Dead Man’s Hand and will be released October 11, 2022.


Jim Butcher has written over 20 books in the fantasy genre, including novels and short story collections.

The Dresden Files 

Storm Front (#1)

Fool Moon (#2)

Grave Peril (#3)

Summer Knight (#4)

Death Masks (#5)

Blood Rites (#6)

Dead Beat (#7)

Proven Guilty (#8)

White Night (#9)

Small Favor (#10)

Turn Coat (#11)

Changes (#12)

Side Jobs (#12.5) – A Collection of Short Stories

Ghost Story (#13)

Cold Days (#14)

Skin Game (#15)

Brief Cases (#15.1) – A Collection of Short Stories

Peace Talks (#16)

Battle Ground (#17)

The Law (#17.1) – A Novella

Codex Alera 

Furies of Calderon (#1)

Academ’s Fury (#2)

Cursor’s Fury (#3)

Captain’s Fury (#4)

Princep’s Fury (#5)

First Lord’s Fury (#6)

Cinder Spires

The Aeronaut’s Windlass (#1)

Upcoming Books

The Olympian Affair (Cinder Spires #2) – Date to be confirmed

Twelve Months (The Dresden Files #18) – Date to be confirmed

Mirror Mirror (The Dresden Files #19) – Date to be confirmed

Relevant Links

Jim Butcher’s Website  

Goodreads Page 


Facebook – Jim Butcher News

Instagram – Jim Butcher News

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