October TBR 2022 - The Fantasy Review

October TBR 2022

My October TBR 2022 is a little late, but I’ve been sorting through my books and making priorities. There could be minor changes, but I’ve selected the top 10 books in the list (a very long list) that are next on my TBR.

The Look of a King by Tom Dumbrell

I am already 40% through The Look of a King by Tom Dumbrell. This book was kindly gifted to me by the author almost a year ago, so I thought it was about time I read it! 

Really enjoying it so far. The world is fantastic and it’s a nice, easy read.

Unsouled by Will Wight

On the suggestion of Matt from Matt’s Fantasy Book Reviews, I will be starting the Cradle series by Will Wight, the first book being Unsouled. I have never read a progression fantasy book, so we will see how this goes!

It is always exciting to try something new, and for the fantasy genre it’s rare I come across something I am not particularly familiar with.

Ascendant by Michael R. Miller

Another indie book that was gifted to me recently is Ascendant by Michael R. Miller. I am a hundred or so pages into it and loving the setting up of the world. Dragons are always cool, and I have a feeling I’m going to really enjoy this book.

Springtide Harvest by J. D. Mitchell

This will be a month with a few indie books on it, and I recieved Springtide Harvest from the author. The premise looks fantastic and I’ve seen it on the shelves of a few BookTubers too, so that’s a good sign!

Before They are Hanged & Last Argument of Kings by Joe Abercrombie

The plan is to finish this trilogy by the end of October. I recently finished The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie and gave it 4 stars. I really enjoyed it as a set-up for a larger story, and can’t wait to get into Before They Are Hanged in the coming days.

Wistful Ascending by J. C. M Berne

I love superheroes! Mainly in films; I’m picky about comics. One thing I have been looking for for a long time is a book or book series with superheroes.

Well, luckily this author reached out and I was immediately interested! There are 2 books out and a third one coming soon, so if I enjoy this (like I’m sure I will), I have 2 more books to get excited about.

Jade City by Fonda Lee

I’ve seen the first Godfather film and I love TV shows like Peaky Blinders and Boardwalk Empire, but I’ve not read a book with gangs or mob families before. The Green Bone Saga is very popular with reviewers I trust and tend to share similar opinions with, so hopefully I like this book.

I have read the first couple of chapters and so far I’m enjoying is. The writing style is fantastic – there are just a lot of names for me to remember – and not just names, how all the people relate to one another. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it! 

The Memory of Blades by James Dwyer

This is the final book of my October TBR 2022 that is from an indie author. It’s a slim book, but the story sounds brilliant. I think the story is essentially a tournament for a magic sword? It sounds funny, exciting and maybe a hint of a mystery.

The Stand by Stephen King

October TBR 2022

I have not read enough Stephen King. I have said this before yet still I ignore his books and pick up something else. Well enough is enough. I can’t let my only recent opinion on Stephen King’s writing be The Gunslinger because I wasn’t a fan of that book.

So, I got myself a copy of one his largest books – The Stand. I want to see great characters, a vivid, apocalyptic world, and by the end of the book I want to feel like I was an idiot for not picking it up sooner. Might be a lot to ask, but I’ve heard great things!

Over the next year I will be reading at least one Stephen King book a month, including Under the Dome, It, Misery and Salem’s Lot.

What is on Your October TBR 2022?

Let me know what you’re reading in the comments or on the Discord channel!

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