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5 Great Book Subscription Boxes (UK)

Here is a list of 5 great book subscription boxes (UK) for you try out this year! With Christmas over and the start of a new year, it’s nice to treat ourselves to a little something with the gifted money!

I am not sponsored by any of the book subscription boxes below, they just look fab and I wanted to share them on The Fantasy Review.

Queer Book Box

Book Subscription Boxes UK

The Queer Book Box have three book subscription boxes to choose from:

They source their books from Gay’s the Word bookshop in London, an independent, lesbian and gay bookshop established in 1979. I often buy books through their online store and they are fantastic!


Illumicrate subscription boxes include a recently released hardback edition of a book, specially made and exclusive to this company.

You can pay for a box that comes with the book and lots of other goodies, or just purchase the book on it’s own for a lower price.

There is also the Afterlight Bi-Monthly Subscription which comes with a romance book and items to help you chill out and look after yourself.

The prices for the different subscriptions are:

Hand Me Down Book Club

The Hand Me Down Book Club currently has 8 different book subscription boxes, based on the genre you are interested in. The books are sustainably sourced and you get to pick how many you want per month.

Some of the genres available and starting prices are:

So, if you want some hand-selected second-hand books from an environmentally-friendly book subscription company, try these guys out!

Tea Time Bookshop

Book Subscription Boxes UK

At the Tea Time Bookshop you can pick up to 4 books per month of your preferred genre, plus an ethically sourced brew (tea, coffee or even hot chocolate) to go with your reads that month. Also, welcome to the Dark Side because they also have cookies (well, biscuits, but you get what I mean).

Some of the boxes/genres available include:

Additonally, you can give these to family or friends with personalised gift subscriptions.


Book Subscription Boxes UK

Fairyloot is the number 1 fantasy book subscription box in the UK, so it’s no surprise they have a waitlist to join up! So, you probably won’t be able to start straight away, but there’s no reason not to get on the list if you’re interested.

The book box and book-only plans offer a hardback edition of an anticipated YA or Adult fantasy book. Subscriptions start at £23.95 per month.

Click here to join the waitlist.

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