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Unbound by Michael R. Miller: Book Review

Spoiler-Free Unbound Book Review

I loved being back in this world! Being with Ash and Holt again felt like coming home after a long holiday. I settled down, got into my pyjamas, got down by the fire and soaked in all the feel-good emotions of being home.

unbound book review

Raising the Stakes

The stakes were higher in Unbound than they were in book 2, Ascendant. Yes, this is kind of the point with progressive fantasy, but the raised stakes also made for many more, tense, darker moments.

Rather than being a stagnant sequel, Unbound is a step forwards with world building, character development and the stakes being raised. I expect bigger, exciting things from future entries in this series.

Brilliant Characters

Holt and Ash’s relationship shone through the darker, tense atmosphere of this sequel. They are two of my favourite characters in fantasy right now and I can’t wait to see more of them in the future. 

In this book, we follow Talia as more of a main point of view, following from the events of Ascendant. This is essentially a political intrigue plot and I loved every moment of it

Finally, Osric’s storyline is so fascinating, and his character is complex, struggling with an impossible and demoralising situation

Final Thoughts

As with Ascendant, Unbound wears its influences on its sleeve, but this second book in the series shows its originality a little more with the plot development and magic system

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