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9 Underrated Indie Dark Fantasy Series

This list of 9 underrated indie dark fantasy series is a sponsored article by the author of the Falhorne series.

#1 – Falhorne

Book 1 – Falhorne: The World is Burning

Underrated Indie Dark Fantasy

The Order is no more. The Falhorne, ancient champions of the elder gods, have dwindled to no more than a handful of beleaguered warriors.

The skies are darkening over the land of Vinos and persecution of the maligned Old Believers escalates at the hands of both church and state.

As one of the few surviving defenders of a proud tradition, Tagus is among the last of the Vinosian Falhorne when the pogrom comes.

His mentor slain, his comrades slaughtered, and his people enslaved, he must begin a quest that will take him into the darkness of his past and a depth of evil beyond anything that he has ever faced.

Book 2 – Falhorne: Dark Dawn

Underrated Indie Dark Fantasy

The Dead Travel Fast…

Pursuing the slavers who stole away his people, Tagus enters Trastamere, where thousands toil in chains beneath the scorching sun.

From plantation fields to burgeoning shantytowns and hilltop rebel camps, he follows a trail of clues that draws him deeper into the unknown – while a long forgotten evil blocks the sun and pulls the stars from the sky…

#2 – The Kraven Kronicles 

Drunk … Scoundrel … Thief … Vagabond … Fool …

Reelum Hangs has been called many things, and at one time or other has resembled them all. Reelum, however, knows a dark and terrible secret—one that delves right to the heart of Kraven city…

#3 – The Dreadbound Ode Trilogy

Brohr needs out of his village before they put a noose around his neck.

The unwanted son of a conquering soldier, Brohr will soon discover that he is cursed, haunted, a berserker. When a strange murder sparks unrest amongst his people, Brohr becomes the prime suspect…

#4 – Stral Almighty

They say to hold a Memory Blade is to live forever, both as a life trapped within the blade itself and as a Memory Lord to rule over one of the Five Cities – each one an immortal part of our nation’s history.I say to hold a Memory Blade is to become an utter bastard…

#5 – The Morhudrim Cycle

In the Nine Kingdoms, lords and churches dance to a song of war and murder. But unknown to the players, the song is changing. The Tainted One has returned; harbinger of a cycle of destruction as old as humankind itself…

#6 – Jael Crowfeeder

Underrated Indie Dark Fantasy

In a brutal desert empire, Jael Crowfeeder survives as a Beast Hunter. Last of his kind and despised by society, he’s betrayed and thrown in prison just as a legion of man and monster storm the border. Forcibly conscripted, Jael will soon wet his sword in the front lines…

#7 – The Night’s Road

The war would not come to The Wolf’s Tower, not in the depths of winter. That’s what the old soldiers mutter to each other around their fires and Solace believes them, because old soldiers know more about the business of war than a seventeen-year-old girl ever will…

#8 – The Tales of Caledonia

Underrated Indie Dark Fantasy

A man sold into slavery.
A woman born into power.
Will the two be able to work together to battle the Ghoule Overlord?

Bryen spent ten years fighting for his life on the white sand of the Pit. But now he faces a new challenge deadlier even than constant combat against man and beast in the Colosseum… 

#9 – The Swords of Dominion


In a cathedral at the south of the Istryan Empire, young men and women are trained to be killers. The Order of the Golden Sword’s inquisitors are feared for their brutality masked as piety…

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