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Shield Breaker by Richard Cullen: Book Review

Spoiler-Free Shield Breaker Book Review

Richard Cullen does it again with this fantastic sequel to Oath Bound! These books work well as standalones too though, so don’t feel like you have to read previous entries to enjoy Shield Breaker.

Shield Breaker Book Review

Fantastic Characters

Stykar is a stand out for me. He’s complex, with an inner conflict that is engaging and motivations that are one hundred percent understandable. His story is bloody and exciting as always, so I had a lot of fun following him!

There are other well crafted characters too, with interesting relationships and arcs. Edgar, for example, has an interesting plot!

Best Fight Scenes in Fiction

If you want to sink your teeth into some gritty, vivid battle scenes, read this book! Stykar’s axe is bloody and unforgiving.

There isn’t glorification of this violence though. Instead the scenes of battle are loud, claustrophobic, terrifying. The atmosphere in these scenes is masterfully done; I felt on edge throughout.

Final Thoughts

If you like historical fiction, just read this book. Don’t hesitate – just pick it up! I’d also recommend this to fantasy readers because these books are epic, brutal, and will not let you go.

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