Seven Faceless Saints by M.K. Lobb: Book Review

Spoiler-Free Seven Faceless Saints Book Review

This is a good start to a new YA fantasy series. Plenty of mystery and intrigue to keep you engaged, but not one hundred percent my kind of thing. 

seven faceless saints book review

The Mystery is the Best Part

Oh wow, Lobb can pull a plot together! The plot was incredibly well done and was the main aspect of this book that kept me reading. It was dark, exciting and engaging, keeping me glued to the page. 

There were a lot of other things going on in this world that seemed to distract me. The romance element, for example, which it seems every YA needs to have, wasn’t bad by any means, but felt unnecessary. The characters as they were, along with the plot, was plenty to focus on. 

Worth Reading On?

I’m certainly interested in what future entries might hold for this series, so I’ll definitely try book two when it comes out. 

The reasons for this are: the characters are well done and enjoyable to follow and watch develop – and the setting is beautiful and intriguing enough to draw me back into the world.

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