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The Endless Song by Joshua Phillip Johnson: Book Review

Spoiler-Free The Endless Song Book Review

A good sequel to The Forever Sea and some of the best queer representation in the genre.

the endless song book review

Unique Worldbuilding

Every fantasy book is the same when it comes to the setting. Sure, we have differences here and there, but they are all essentially the same and you can’t tell me otherwise – not that I hate that; I love it!

But in The Forever Sea series, Joshua Phillip Johnson does something with worldbuilding I have only seen from one other writer (so far – and that other writer is R. J. Barker) – the author has created something unique – and it’s a beautiful world!

Also, there are strong themes of environmentalism which I appreciated and want to see more of in the genre as a whole. 

Wonderful Characters and Relationships

I’ve been seeking out more LGBTQ+ representation in my fantasy books, so it was lovely to see some great rep in The Endless Song

The main point I want to mention with characters is that they all have a strong sense of voice, rather than being cardboard cutouts. Additionally, their personal character arcs that intertwine with the main plot of the novel were intricate and satisfying to read.

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