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Book Review: Beyond Redemption by Michael R. Fletcher

Spoiler-Free Beyond Redemption Book Review

Michael Fletcher’s Beyond Redemption is a diamond in the rough, where the rough is so gritty you might discover you don’t want to be there, but for that very reason, you are compelled to keep going further.

This story is special in that the prose is wonderfully simple, musical, and enough grit to keep the horror fan satiated and the fans of humor entertained. Thrown into a world where one becomes more powerful the more mentally unstable they become, in more ways than one.

beyond redemption book review

There is no simple madman power trip, where one becomes stronger the madder they become, by manifesting their own delusions. You are drawn to characters where you’d never share a beer with, but compelling all the same, that is, if you can manage to put aside your own fear of being stabbed in the back, for in such a world that is far too often an occurrence.

A world where God created it, and went insane before He died, and here is the aftermath, people do horrible things for good reasons, and terrible things for. . .well, just to do them, and everything in between.

This book wins five out of five OMGs.

Beyond Redemption: Grimdark Fantasy, Heist and who doesn’t love a good kidnapping?

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