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Book Review: Out of Character by Jenna Miller

Maddy‘s Review of Out of Character by Jenna Miller

Thank you Netgalley for letting me read and review Out of Character. Jenna Miller is an amazing author, her writing style is stunning. I’m definitely going to pick up more of her books.

This YA romance was a more simple and easy read, for the most part. Some of the characters have hard relationships with their parents and friends, that do hit hard. I got through this book so quickly, and had such a fun time. The characters, most of them, were likeable and fun to follow.

Review of Out of Character

The romance was lovely! There’s a certain romance I’m glad happened in the book, but I won’t say which because of spoilers of course. Some of the lines were cheesy, but I enjoy cheesy and cute.

I loved following Cass; she was relatable, kind, brave, and creative. She had good character growth throughout the book. Thank you Jenna for adding body positivity, it’s great to see characters like me in books. If you like ya romance and roleplaying you will probably enjoy this read! The book is pretty short and is an easy read, I got through it over just a couple days. The book is out now!

Page number: 342

Author: Jenna Miller

Goodreads Summary: “If you asked seventeen-year-old Cass Williams to describe herself, she’d happily tell you she’s fat, queer, and obsessed with the Tide Wars books. What she won’t tell you—or anyone in her life—is that she’s part of an online Tide Wars roleplay community. Sure, it’s nerdy as hell, but when she’s behind the screen writing scenes as Captain Aresha, she doesn’t have to think about her mother who walked out or how unexpectedly stressful it is dating resident cool girl Taylor Cooper. But secretly retreating to her online life is starting to catch up with Cass. For one, no one in her real life knows her secret roleplay addiction is the reason her grades have taken a big hit.

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