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An Interview with Bryan Asher

I am excited to introduce our interview with Bryan Asher, the author of the recently released “The Fear of Moncroix”.

an interview with bryan asher

Bryan debuted his first novel, “The Assassin of Malcoze” in 2020, and then released the award-winning “The Treasure of Lor-Rev” in 2021. These novels are set in a world of floating continents, named the Intercontinents, and explore different genres and ideas.


The Interview

How would you describe “The Fear of Moncroix” to a new reader and how would you describe your series as a whole?

The Fear of Moncroix is a horror thriller, where one man is trapped among the same vampires who killed his brethren. All my books are stand-alone adventures that take place on different floating nations in my fictional universe known as, The Intercontinents.

An Interview with Bryan Asher

How did you get the idea for the Intercontinents and how has this affected the way you write?

I wanted to give modern readers a fast-paced experience lacking in most traditional publishing. I think it’s great that you could snag any Louis Lamour western or Conan novel off the shelf of a used book store. It didn’t matter where you jumped in, you could snatch any book you wanted. Most fantasy or sci-fi are long series with multiple books and tons of lore you have to watch a documentary on YouTube to understand.

With my books, you can pick whichever one you want and you won’t be lost. It’s affected my writing by making me focused and event driven with my outlines. Each book is only 250ish pages, so every chapter has to matter.

I think The Fear of Moncroix, is the ultimate version of my vision for these books. My writing has really improved with this book, and the character illustrations inside are top notch.

When writing “The Fear of Moncroix”, did you have any books or movies etc that acted as inspiration or research?

Sometimes I try and avoid watching anything too close to what I’ll write, because I’m worried it might bleed off too much. I did love the Castlevania anime, and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust is probably my biggest inspiration.

I read that you were a fan of superhero comics growing up, do you have a favourite comic book character?

I’d say growing up I loved Wolverine and Magneto. I thought the 90’s version of Magneto looked so cool and his powerset was so compelling. I also loved Raphael from TMNT.

I discovered your work through Social Media. How do you think being a part of the book community has helped your exposure?

I think it’s paramount to be on social media, since it’s the best avenue I have to market myself. There’s allot of support and signal boosting in the author communities that I’ve really enjoyed. Especially the self-pub community as there’s a DIY mentality that keeps me motivated and accountable to create new content.

You’ve included some gorgeous artwork with your latest novel, how was working with Christian Angel?

Christian was an absolute gem. His experience and process were top shelf. His input for the cover made it so much better, and I’m very grateful to have someone of his caliber illustrating characters my universe. Hopefully it won’t be the last time we see his art in my books.

An Interview with Bryan Asher

What’s next for Bryan Asher? Are they any projects you’re working on now?

I have a comic book coming out this year and I’m in the early stages of writing another novel in the Intercontinents. This one should feature some familiar characters.

Thank you to Bryan for taking the time to answer these. Please be sure to pick up his latest release, “The Fear of Moncroix” and prepare to be immersed.

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