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Introducing the Fantasy Review Podcast

We’re launching a podcast!

Join Nathan Klembara, reviewer and blogger at The Fantasy Review, and James Dulin, author of No Heart for a Thief, as they tackle some of the biggest issues in science fiction and fantasy publishing, movies, television, and games, talk to some of your favorite authors, and more!

In each episode you can expect a special, in-depth section. This could be a deep-dive into a particular issue, an extended discussion about a book, or an interview with a member of the science fiction and fantasy community. In each episode we will also have a segment that we are calling “Dragonfire”, a nerdy version of ESPN’s Rundown where we quickly give recommendations, challenge each other to dumb games, and much much more.

We are starting with our first two episodes, before moving to releasing episodes every other week.

If you just want a little taste of what our podcast will be, and want to get to know Nathan and James a bit more, check out Episode 0 – Introducing the Fantasy Review Podcast. Nathan and James talk about their favorite SFF books, movies, and shows.

Then check out our first episode, “Is There Cancel Culture in SFF?”. We decided to ease into the podcasting game with a 30 minute discussion about cancel culture, and then move into DragonFire where we talk all of the new Lord of the Rings movies and games, the use of AI in publishing, video game adaptations, and whether or not Patrick Rothfuss has ruined his legacy.

You can find the podcast on your favorite podcasting apps and on Youtube.



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My name is Nathan and I'm currently getting my Ph.D. in archaeology in the US, but in my freetime I absolutely love reading any kind of fantasy book (and watching way too much TV). So I guess you could say that during the day I like to escape into the past and in the evening I like to escape into other worlds! Review requests can be sent to You can also find me on twitter (@nathan_reviews) and TikTok (nathans_fantasy_reviews).

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