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4 Options for Magic the Gatherings Next Big Threat

4 Options for Magic the Gatherings Next Big Threat.

With the fight against the New Phyrexians reaching its conclusion, who will be the next to take up the mantle of the trading card games‘ next big bad?

The Primeval Dragons

The Primeval Dragons are five God-like creatures descended from some of the very first dragons in the setting. In the game’s past, their awakening was a cause of major concern for Magic’s central world Dominaria, but their plans for a triumphant return and conquest of the plane were foiled when one of their own betrayed them.

As of the fall of 2022 and the release of the Dominaria United Expansion, Rith, the de facto leader of the quintet, has once again escaped her bindings and is presumably working towards completing the plan that here and her siblings had failed long ago.

The Eldrazi

The Eldrazi are a trio of horrifying logic-defying Lovecraftian monsters that had previously served as significant antagonists within the game’s story. Though two of the beasts were slain the third of them, Emrakul, still lives though is trapped.

When the story’s heroes were making the decision as to whether or not they would try and kill the Eldrazi or imprison them, they were warned that killing the Eldritch beings would have unforeseen consequences for the multiverse, and as of this point in the story, those consequences have yet to manifest.

The Thrulls of Sarpadia

Way back in 1994 when Magic the Gathering was barely a year old, they released a set named Fallen Empires, which unsurprisingly detailed the history and demise of the five empires, all of which were set on the continent of Sarpadia.

One of the empires, named the Order of the Ebon Hand, created a subservient species of repurposed and reanimated flesh that they named thrulls. This was in the long term, a very bad idea.

The Thrulls not only destroyed their masters but would later go on to conquer the whole of Sarpadia and learn to self-improve. They became such a potent force in the world that the Phyrexians, a race of metallic demons and main antagonists of the setting, had to give up and flee Sarpadia when they tried to seize it from the thrulls.

The only thing holding the thrulls back is their own inability to conceive that a larger world exists outside of their island continent, but with their ability to self-improve, the writers can remove this limitation whenever they want.

Something Entirely New

Magic has been around for a long time and in its decades of existence, the game and its writers have spawned hundreds of unique and interesting characters. Why not do it again?

The game is set within an infinite multiverse with planes and worlds filled with unique and interesting cultures and environments. A new and reinvigorating threat from deep within the multiverse would be a great way to keep fans engaged once the current Phyrexian threat is dealt with.

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