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The Fantasy Review Podcast Ep. 5 – An Interview with Moses Ose Utomi

For the latest episode of The Fantasy Review Podcast, James and Nathan sit down for an interview with Moses Ose Utomi to talk about his debut novella, The Lies of the Ajungo (now available from Tordotcom).

In the interview portion of the episode, they chat about Moses’ inspirations of the book (including Attack on Titan!), his use of parable/folklore, the benefits and challenges of the novella format, his major themes, and how he constructed his world, magic system, and villains.

They then move into this episode’s Dragonfire segment where the three discuss their least favorite tropes, should old IP ever be revived, and how accurate fight and battle scenes need to be. James and Nathan also noticed that Moses’ merch store is currently empty, so they compete to see who can come up with the best piece of merchandise.

Moses is an effervescent and amazing guest with unique insights into how we can use fantasy as significant and important commentary on the modern world. This episode is spoiler-free, so if you haven’t yet dipped your toes into The Lies of the Ajungo yet this is a great place to see if it is for you.

The Lies of the Ajungo by Moses Ose Utomi

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You can find our guest Moses on Twitter and at his website.

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