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The Fantasy Review Podcast Episode 6: An Interview with Zack Argyle

For the latest episode of The Fantasy Review Podcast, James and Nathan have an interview with Zack Argyle to talk about his Threadlight series, free audiobook Youtube channel, and his wildly successful Kickstarter for his special edition omnibus.

In the interview portion of the episode, Zack talks about the role of parents and parenting in his series, the god-like characters in his novels, and the benefits and challenges of writing short epic fantasy novels. Zack also chats with James and Nathan about his involvement in the indie community, his fund to support self-published fantasy authors, and gives a little tease about his next series.

Then in Dragon Fire Zack, Nathan, and James talk about the villain that Marvel fumbled the most, whether hard or soft magic systems are better, if awards really matter, and the best use of creatures in fantasy books. James and Nathan also compete against each other to identify who would make for the best director of a Threadlight movie adaptation. From our previous episodes James is beating Nathan 2-1, will Nathan be able to tie it up?

Zack was such a thoughtful guest to have on the podcast, and fantasy readers and writers alike will definitely get a lot out of his insights. This episode is spoiler-free, so don’t worry if you haven’t yet gotten around to reading the Threadlight books.

Voice of War by Zack Argyle

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You can find our guest Zack on Twitter and at his website.

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