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10 Modern Fantasy Books You Haven’t Read

The Fantasy Review‘s list of 10 Modern Fantasy Books You Haven’t Read.

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The Fury of Kings by R.S. Moule

Modern Fantasy Books You Haven’t Read

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From the blurb:

An ancient magic is rising… And none will escape.

After decades of peace, the kingdom of Erland is sliding toward disaster. The rebellious lords of the West are gathering their armies. On the mountain that towers over the capital, strange storms rage.

When the king’s heir is murdered, war seems certain.

Into the Mist by P.C. Cast

Modern Fantasy Books You Haven’t Read

From the blurb:

As men fall to the mist, the age of womankind begins to rise.
The world as we know it ends when an attack on the U.S. unleashes bombs that deliver fire and biological destruction. Along with sonic detonations and devastating earthquakes, the bombs have also brought the green mist. If breathed in, it is deadly to all men—but alters the body chemistry of many women, imbuing them with superhuman abilities.

Hammer of Fate by G.N. Gudgion

Modern Fantasy Books You Haven’t Read

From the blurb:

“No surrender. No retreat.” With twenty enemy swords at their backs and a broken bridge ahead, the last knights of an outlaw order turn to fight. A young woman with forbidden magic joins their final stand. And as blade meets blade, she starts to sing…

Adelais was raised in the far north, learning stories of the old gods and the skill of weaving runes into magic. Now, she is locked in a convent far from home, forced to kneel to a foreign god.

The Call of the Sea by Kate Schumacher

Modern Fantasy Books You Haven’t Read

From the blurb:

Once, the world was ruled by those with magic in their blood.

But once was a long time ago …

Ever since magic was outlawed in Kernou, Jenyfer Astolat has been living with a secret that would see her bound to the stake as food for the sea. But when her reckless lies see her married to a man she does not love, Jenyfer has to forget fleeing town — and forget about Ordes Merlyni, the charming pirate who has been helping her wield magic in secret….

Illborn by Daniel T. Jackson

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From the blurb:

Long ago, The Lord Aiduel emerged from the deserts of the Holy Land, possessed with divine powers. He used these to forcibly unite the peoples of Angall, before His ascension to heaven.

Over eight hundred years later, in a medieval world which is threatened by war and religious persecution, four young men and women begin to develop supernatural abilities. These forbidden and secret powers will shatter the lives that they have known, and will force each of them to confront the mystery of the ethereal Gate which haunts their dreams. What does the dream mean, and how is it connected to their burgeoning abilities?…

The Malevolent Seven by Sebastien de Castell

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From the blurb:

‘Seven powerful mages want to make the world a better place. We’re going to kill them first.’

Picture a wizard. Go ahead, close your eyes. There he is, see? Skinny old guy with a long straggly beard. No doubt he’s wearing iridescent silk robes that couldn’t protect his frail body from a light breeze. The hat’s a must, too, right? Big, floppy thing, covered in esoteric symbols that would instantly show every other mage where this one gets his magic? Wouldn’t want a simple steel helmet or something that might, you know, protect the part of him most needed for conjuring magical forces from being bashed in with a mace (or pretty much any household object).

The Pariah by Anthony Ryan

From the blurb:

Born into the troubled kingdom of Albermaine, Alwyn Scribe is raised as an outlaw. Quick of wit and deft with a blade, Alwyn is content with the freedom of the woods and the comradeship of his fellow thieves. But an act of betrayal sets him on a new path – one of blood and vengeance, which eventually leads him to a soldier’s life in the king’s army.

The Way of Edan by Philip Chase

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From the blurb:

The Kingdom of the Eternal will awaken when the Way of Edan holds sway over all of Eormenlond. So say the prophecies. With unrivalled power in the gift, the Supreme Priest Bledla leads Torrlond and its mighty army to convert rival kingdoms by the sword and by the fang.

Among the gathering resistance is the sorceress Sequara, whose mission is to protect her island and her Andumaic faith from the Torrlonders’ aggression….

The Book That Wouldn’t Burn by Mark Lawrence

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From the blurb:

Evar has lived his whole life trapped within a vast library, older than empires and larger than cities.

Livira has spent hers in a tiny settlement out on the Dust where nightmares stalk and no one goes.

The world has never noticed them.

That’s about to change….

The Last Ranger by J.D.L. Rosell

Modern Fantasy Books You Haven’t Read

From the blurb:

Betrayed. Hunted. Left for dead. But not even death itself can keep the last ranger from vengeance.

Leiyn “Firebrand” is no stranger to a fight. A brash ranger of the Titan Wilds, she takes up her bow to ward against the colossal spirit creatures known as titans, ever a threat to the colonies she has sworn to protect.

But no amount of skill can guard against treachery….

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