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The Wars of Light and Shadow Books in Order

Here is a list of The Wars of Light and Shadow Books in Order.

This series is split into five arcs with time jumps between them, but they all link together for one overarching narrative, so the reading order is the same as the publication order listed below. Some arcs begin and end with one book.

Arc 1 – The Curse of the Mistwraith

#1 – The Curse of the Mistwraith (1993)

The Wars of Light and Shadow Books in Order

From the blurb:

Let each who reads determine the good and the evil for himself
Athera is besieged by the Mistwraith, which blights the land and dims the mysteries guarded by the last fugitives of the old bloodlines.
But from a prophecy springs hope: the gifts of two brothers – one dark, one fair, raised on opposite sides of a relentless war – when paired may challenge the Mistwraith’s invasion, though at brutal cost…
Arithon, Master of Shadow, musician and mage, commands the power of illusion and darkness. Taken prisoner in battle, his fate falls to his half-brother, Prince Lysaer – a man endowed with the gift of light through the mother they share. Lysaer is the legitimate son of a king who was betrayed by his queen’s choice to father Arithon by his mortal enemy but that does not save him

Arc 2 – The Ships of Merior

#2 – The Ships of Merior (1994)

#3 – Warhost of Vastmark (1995)

Arc 3 – Alliance of Light

#4 – Fugitive Prince (1997)

#5 – Grand Conspiracy (1999)

#6 – Peril’s Gate (2001)

#7 – Traitor’s Knot (2004)

#8 – Stormed Fortress (2007)

Arc 4 – Sword of the Canon

#9 – Initiate’s Trial (2011)

#10 – Destiny’s Conflict (2017)

Arc 5 – Song of the Mysteries

#11 – Song of the Mysteries (2024)

Suggested Reading Order For Short Stories:

Child of Prophecy (before Curse of the Mistwraith)

Reins of Destiny (Any time within Arc 3)

Sundering Star (Between Arcs 3 & 4)

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