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Saw XI Release Date Confirmed – Everything We Know So Far

With the Saw XI release date confirmed, here is everything we know about the latest Saw sequel so far.

Saw X had a budget of $13 million and earned $107.7 at the box office, so it is of no surprise to anyone that a sequel has been announced. The announcement was made on social media with a cryptic image showing the release date of the sequel in Roman numerals, highlighting the “XI” to make sure we were dead certain!

Saw XI Release Date Confirmed - Everything We Know So Far

Saw XI (or Saw 11) will be in cinemas on 27th September 2024, less than a year after the release of its popular predecessor. 

The cast is yet to be confirmed, but we can probably expect Tobin Bell as John Kramer, and after the success of having Amanda back in the franchise, Shawnee Smith will hopefully reprise her role. Also, Synnøve Macody Lund‘s fantastic performance as Dr. Cecilia Pederson, and the fandom’s joy at seeing Costas Mandylor reprise his role as Mark Hoffman in the end credits scene, will hopefully mean they will also be in Saw XI.

If the people mentioned above have nothing to do with the next release, I believe the writers and producers will lose much of the support received from the excellent Saw X.

There have also been hints that some actors from previous movies have said they would love to come back, in any capacity, but we don’t know any names so far. This comes from an interview with Mark Burg for Dextero.

In that same interview with Dextero, the producers of Saw X have said that their intentions would be to have a story that focused more on Detective Hoffman, and that is what the end credits of Saw X were for, to set that all up, but obviously depending on the reception of the 2023 movie. Luckily for them, and for all us fans, it has done very well and might even get a third prequel movie too!

We do, however, know who is not coming back in Saw XI. The writers of Saw X, Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger, will not be returning to write its sequel, to the horror of some fans, as it was after all these writers who brought the franchise back from possible obscurity after two medicare-to-terrible “reboots”. We can only hope that the new writing team continues on the same trajectory as Stolberg and Goldfinger, while probably also giving the franchise their own unique twists. 

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