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Scream (2022) – Movie Review

The Fantasy Review‘s Spoiler-Free Review of Scream (2022).

Rating: 5/5

Scream (2022), the fifth movie in the Scream franchise, is yet another Scream movie that improves upon the last. Introducing a new core cast of characters, this is the perfect place for modern audiences to start watching these movies.

Review of Scream (2022)


After Scream 4 (2011) failing to deliver on the scary side of things, Scream (2022) is like the grown-up version of its predecessor. No one is safe, and the stakes feel so much higher.

The new teenage characters are brilliant, bringing something new and different to the table – it feels fresh rather than a complete rehashing of what we’ve seen before. 

The Ghostface reveal was brilliant! With plenty of nods to previous movies and a whole tonne of meta stuff going on, it was a very entertaining and satisfying reveal. 


Some of the new characters being related in some way to previously seen characters felt a bit forced. Sure, I kind of get why they have done it, but it was the only thing that brought me out of the movie whenever it was mentioned. But it’s a classic trope, and it doesn’t completely spoil the story or anything, but it just felt a little jarring at times.

Final Thoughts

Scream (2022) is the perfect place for newbies to begin with the Scream franchise, as it feels new and modern, with a fresh group of characters who you can follow in the next few movies (however many they decide to make!).

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