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Child’s Play (1988) – Movie Review

The Fantasy Review‘s Spoiler-Free Review of Child’s Play (1988).

Rating: 5/5

Child’s Play (1988) is one of the best slashers from the 80s and maybe of all time. I have watched it a few times now and love it more with every rewatch. 

review of child's play 1988

The great thing about watching Child’s Play in the 2020s is it doesn’t feel dated! So many classics from then do feel a bit old fashioned, even if they’re still good movies. This movie doesn’t have that problem.

The premise is fun and original, with a children’s doll possessed by a serial killer – you can be sure that bloodshed and hilarity ensue. Chucky is a ruthless and iconic villain, with a personality that is so revolting and entertaining.

Chucky as a character doesn’t get as much air time as I think he should have done in this movie, which is my only negative. In the sequels they realise he is the star of the show, but in this movie he’s more of a silent killer.

Andy is a great protagonist. He is sweet and innocent, but smart and able to battle with Chucky pretty effectively. 

Child’s Play (1988) is a timeless slasher classic every fan of the genre should try. It has some great kills, a tense atmosphere, and a great introduction to the characters of Andy and Chucky.

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