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Check Out This Upcoming Epic Fantasy Adventure – Demon’s Tear Cover Reveal

The Fantasy Review presents this cover reveal for Demon’s Tear by R.E. Sanders, an upcoming epic fantasy adventure!

Demon’s Tear is the first book in the Jantakai Saga, a grand fantasy adventure in the classic tradition with action, suspense and a cast of unforgettable characters set in a deep and richly realised world.

Rob is a fantasy author based in the UK. A degree in archaeology and a fascination with British history has led him to create a world of his own in which to spin tales and create adventures.

We have previously covered Rob’s fantasy novel, A Path of Blades, which is a historical epic fantasy novel with a lot of high praise from reviewers. Check that out here.

The Cover Reveal!

Upcoming Epic Fantasy Fantasy Adventure

The Blurb for Demon’s Tear:

No prophecies

No destiny

The new heroes of our time shall choose themselves

The Jantakai, the lands of the Twin Swords, are divided. War threatens every border, crime infests countries like a disease, and the gods themselves have faded away. Beneath this turbulent arena an ancient, malicious power begins to wake. The whole world is like dry tinder, waiting for a spark.

 Old friends Ellyah and Nastja must rediscover how to trust one another as they navigate the underworld of Anish. Eain is a young soldier of Banahgar, whose dreams of glory turn out to be a nightmare. Driven by necessity, their quests will force them to travel further and through more dangers than they could have imagined.

At the heart of it all, a blood-red ruby gleams, sending out a siren call. A frantic chase begins, those who would possess it unaware of the danger it holds. Glory and riches await the victor, and for the losers the only prize will be death.

Who will claim the Demon’s Tear?

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