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You Aren’t Ruining Star Wars — The Acolyte Is

The Fantasy Review’s opinion: You Aren’t Ruining Star Wars — The Acolyte Is

It is a shame that media outlets have decided that instead of watching and reviewing The Acolyte fairly and honestly, they are going to attack fans of the Star Wars franchise instead, with article titles like The Acolyte Isn’t Ruining Star Wars – You Are.

This is especially disappointing as the author of the article, Lyvie Scott, made some good points about the splintered fan base and how it can be pretty toxic.

You Aren’t Ruining Star Wars — The Acolyte Is

We’re not anti-woke at The Fantasy Review. Give us more diversity, please! But more diversity doesn’t automatically make a TV show good – you need the writing, music, and aesthetics to be good too, and The Acolyte hits only one of those; music.

Sure, the sets are alright, but they are small, they look low-budget, and that’s all down to the lighting. The thing is, many viewers can look past poor lighting and set design if the writing is strong enough – I mean, why else would anyone watch Classic Doctor Who or Star Trek? It definitely isn’t for the amazing set design!

Look, the Star Wars fan base is asking for something very simple: good writing. Give us characters we want to root for; locations that enthral us; and plots that leave us debating and theorising at the end of an episode or season. These bland cardboard cutouts the writers don’t bother to give personalities because the actors are talented and diverse are nice to look at, but we feel nothing for them. It’s a waste of an excellent cast and a waste of the viewers’ time.

So no, the fan base is not ruining Star Wars, The Acolyte and the writers of the scripts are.

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