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Review: Doctor Who ‘The Legend of Ruby Sunday’ Breathes New Life Into a Dying Franchise

The Fantasy Review’s review of The Legend of Ruby Sunday, Doctor Who, season 1, episode 7.

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If you are looking for a spoiler-filled recap review of The Legend of Ruby Sunday, watch this video by Tharries over on YouTube. He goes in-depth and has some great insights into the episode.

This review of The Legend of Ruby Sunday is spoiler-free, as the aim is to get all those not watching Doctor Who to head on over to BBC iPlayer or Disney+ and binge the series!

review of The Legend of Ruby Sunday

I realised today, after watching The Legend of Ruby Sunday, which is the seventh and penultimate episode of the series, that I have not loved or been excited about Doctor Who since I was 19, and that was unfortunately almost ten years ago…

But, I am happy to say that Russell T Davies is bringing it back to its former glory! Doctor Who is once again a show the fans can get excited about week after week, theorising and debating new clues to the major mysteries of the main arc.

Is this season of Doctor Who perfect? No, not really, and I think there are several behind the scenes reasons for that, plus some writing decisions that left me wanting a bit more, but on the whole, the majority of Ncuti Gatwa’s first season as the Doctor has been as good as what we used to see come from the Moffatt and original Davies eras.

So, why does The Legend of Ruby Sunday breathe new life into a dying franchise? Because we can care again!

Ruby Sunday is a well established character with hopes, motivations, and a strong family dynamic. Grounding the companion with a well developed family or friends makes them more likeable and relatable as they travel with the Doctor. I mean, does anyone know anything about Yaz’s family or background? Nope.

Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor is absolutely brilliant! Sure, a good script helps, but Gatwa is giving us a fresh, exciting take on the show’s titular character. He is flamboyant, jovial, and extremely likeable, but he also has that alien geekiness that we love from the Doctor.

And finally, I’m not always a fan of mystery boxes, but the weekly clues have made for an exciting and engaging viewing experience. It reminds me of Bad Wolf, the Pandorica, and the reveal of John Simm’s Master! Us fans love nothing more than comparing theories and predicting all the twists before the final reveal at the end of a season.

Those of you who lost interest in Doctor Who after Moffatt left, it’s time for you to come back and enjoy the party!

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