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Books I Couldn’t Finish (Fantasy Books)

I always try to finish a book, but recently I have struggled with three books and put them down before finishing them – all for different reasons, however.

Book 1: Wizard’s First Rule by Terry Goodkind

I was going to make a seperate post for this book but there is little for me to say that has not been said by others online. I read approximately 150 pages and was too bored to continue. The main character is frustratingly slow and the obvious love interest character has nothing interesting about them. Archetypes aren’t going to go anywhere interesting and tropes are everywhere (there are even more -somehow?!?! – apparently, so I have no interest in reading more of this series). I donated my copy to a charity shop and I hope whoever picks it up enjoys it more than I did.

Book 2: Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson

This is the only book on this list that I really want to try again. I’m going to leave it a while though. But I do like a challenge, and I think this is what this book is. I read 254 pages before putting it down – two days in and I had no idea what was going on or who was who, so there was no point in me continuing with the book.

Live I said, though, I really want to try again. Mainly because I do not really have any complaints other than I couldn’t keep up, and I think that is more my fault than the writer’s. The language and writing style is beautiful – it’s the perfect balance of description and action – I just wish I was able to understand what’s being described!!

The Ship of the Dead by Rick Riordan

I enjoyed the first two books in this trilogy and this one wasn’t terrible, I just lost interest about 30% the way through and gave up. Nothing new was happening. I am aware that Riordan has his formula but normally I love it! I am really enjoying The Trials of Apollo series he’s doing now, but this book was just too slow. Nothing was happening, and when something did happen, I didn’t care.

What do you think of this list? Did you like or hate these books? Let me know if you think I’m wrong in the comments as I would love to hear an opposing view – it’s good to get outside of your own head on books now and again. (Also let me know if you agreed!)

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  1. Gardens of the Moon is one of those books I’ve owned for years but haven’t read because I have heard it really does challenge the reader to make sense of it all. I’ve heard good things though if you manage to stick with it through the end.

  2. I’m still working up the nerve to try Gardens of the Moon. I’m hoping this year is the year.

  3. I feel like 90% of my GR and blog friends absolutely adore this series. I’m always tempted to try the second book like lots of people have recommended I do but I have SO many other books I rather give a try.

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