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Fugitive Telemetry Book Review – Murderbot Diaries 6

It tried to alert its onboard SecSystem, but as the old saying (which I just made up) goes, if you can ping the SecUnit, it’s way too late.


Fugitive Telemetry is the sixth story in the Murderbot Diaries. Martha Wells kicks off this exciting new novella with a whodunit murder mystery. Despite being the sixth story in the series, this story fits in between Exit Strategy (Book 4) and Network Effect (Book 5). It was a fresh take on a Sci-Fi murder mystery and kept me guessing all the way to the end!


Martha Wells brings back some familiar faces – Dr. Mensah, Pin-Lee, Ratthi and Gurathin – and a cast of new characters – Indah and Aylen. Indah is perhaps my favorite because she adds a lot of depth to the story.

I stood there for two minutes and twelve seconds wondering if any of them would figure it out while they searched the detainees again, looking for the weapon the scanner was alerting on.

Murderbot continues to grow on me. Murderbot is interesting, relatable and down right funny. I love see Murderbot’s thoughts and emotions, which are incredibly human. The most interesting part is watching Murderbot’s interactions with characters it’s friends with verses characters it is unsure about or doesn’t like. Martha Wells’ has created a character I am very excited to read.

Fugitive Telemetry Book Review

Final Thoughts

Fugitive Telemetry was a short but fun blast. I was a little bummed at first that this story didn’t happen after Network Effect. There was a great set up for another story with ART but all of my disappointment disappeared because this story kept me interested and guessing who did it all the way to the very end!

The Murderbot Diaries has become an instant classic. I feel like I could pick up and reread this series at any point. I was excited to see Tor Books announcement of three more novels because that means more Murderbot which is a win win situation! Who doesn’t want more Murderbot? I certainly do!

Rating = Pure Genius

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