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Book Review: The Justice of Kings by Richard Swan

The Wulver’s Library‘s Review of The Justice of Kings by Richard Swan

The Justice of Kings is a novel by Richard Swan that was a thorough, enjoyable and classic read. We follow Sir Konrad Vonvalt whose duty is to uphold the Emperor’s law using whichever tools available. His reputation as a revered and hated Justice gets the job done. When Vonvalt investigates a noblewoman’s murder, he faces a tough and complex challenge that pulls at a thread of conspiracy that could spell disaster for all Justices and the Empire.

review of the justice of kings

We follow three main characters in this journey. Helena – our narrator and Vonvalt’s clerk, Vonvalt – the Emperor’s Justice and Bressinger – Konrad’s right hand man. An interesting approach to this story is having Helena be our narrator describing Vonvalt but was a compelling narrative choice. We see how Helena begins to become more informal and emotional as the story continues. Swan wrote these parts clearly and concisely whilst being appreciative to Helena’s thoughts as this became more unpredictable and unexpected.

Sir Konrad still shone as a classic fantasy figure full of charisma and respect in a way that showcased his role as the Emperor’s Justice. Portrayed as an honest and just man who is captivating in a stark contrast to Bressinger who can be described as relief. We do see the journey Vonvalt is on as Swan leans towards the dark undertones of loyalty in a world where law is truth.

The story itself was an unhurried and interesting take on a mature and traditional concept. I felt able to relax and read at my own pace whilst also finding it hard to not be drawn into a world so expanding. I’m excited for more in this series and Richard Swan is definitely on my radar.

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