December Wrap-Up 2022 - The Fantasy Review

December Wrap-Up 2022

Here is my December Wrap-Up 2022!

Peace Talks, Battle Ground & The Law by Jim Butcher

I finally caught up with The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher! It took me almost 3 years, but I am now waiting for the next entries along with everyone else… and I am so excited!

I have reviews up for Peace Talks and Battle Ground. A review for The Law is coming soon, as is a ranking of all 17 current books in The Dresden Files which I am very excited about – but it’s difficult to work out an order.

December Wrap-Up 2022

Legends & Lattes by Travis Baldree

This book is as advertised – a cozy, slice of life, fantasy book with loveable characters and a low stakes plot.

I loved Legends & Lattes by Travis Baldree and can’t wait to see what he comes out with next.

Read my review for Legends & Lattes for my full, detailed thoughts.

legends & lattes book review

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

This book was a surprise for me! I was expecting to think it’s a mediocre fantasy book with boring love interests but I actually really enjoyed it.

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas was full of intrigue, had a vivid setting and interesting characters. Check out my review here.

 Throne of Glass Book Review

Ascendant by Michael R. Miller

The last book on my December Wrap-Up 2022 is Ascendant by Michael R. Miller. I will write a review soon, but very briefly I would like to say that it was one of my favourite reads of the year – a definite 5 stars!

The pot washer-turned-dragon-rider story was full of nostalgia for the genre, but with a twist. There is a hard magic system and progression fantasy vibes – done in a way I loved as the power progression did not take over the main plot.

UPDATE: Here is my review for Ascendant.

TV & Films I Watched in December 2022

Stranger Things (S01-04)

Black Adam (2022)

Glass Onion (2022)

What is on Your December Wrap-Up 2022?

Let me know what you have read in the comments or on the Discord channel!

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