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Legends & Lattes by Travis Baldree: Book Review

Spoiler-Free Legends & Lattes Book Review

Legends and Lattes by Travis Baldree is the cozy, found-family fantasy book you need to read this winter. It’s a fantastic novel with characters to adore and a world that feels warm and kind.

legends & lattes book review

A Beautiful Found Family

The highest praise I will give in this Legends & Lattes book review is for the characters. Viv, an orc, has put her fighting days behind her to begin a quieter, more relaxing adventure – starting a coffee shop in Thune, a town or city that has never heard of coffee.

It’s a fun premise, but the characters are what shines in the novel. As Viv builds her business, she hires some help and finds friendship in unexpected places. These relationships grow and evolve into more than she could have ever imagined.

I love that she begins the journey alone and ends up with one of the best found-families I have read or seen in a story before.

There isn’t much else I can say here for fear of spoilers – but believe me when I say you will become heavily invested in all of these characters and their relationships to one another.

legends & lattes book review

A Cozy, Low-Stakes Plot

The tagline for Legends & Lattes is “High Fantasy. Low Stakes. Good Company.” I’ve covered the good company, so onto the stakes.

Sure, the stakes are low, but because of how wonderful the characters are, the stakes do feel very real and you become very emotionally attached to not only their lives but also to the business Viv attempts to make successful.

There are no wars, epic battle sequences or anything like that, and those events would feel wrong in a story like this.

The plot is about the business and the lives of those who work at or visit the cafe – and it’s beautiful.

Overall Thoughts

If you want a cozy, quick, comfortable read this winter, pick up Legends and Lattes. I can’t wait to see what Travis Badree writes next – I will definitely be one of the first people to pick up whatever it is!

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