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The New Doctor Who Costume Reveal

Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor Who costume reveal is jaw-dropping and just what the Doctor ordered.

Ncuti Gatwa's Doctor Who costume reveal

Ncuti Gatwa is shown above in the Doctor Who costume reveal for the fifteenth regenration of the Time Lord. He looks fantastic in a chequered suit with an orange jumper, and two necklaces to finish of the look.

Below is a full image of the new Doctor Who costume, showing off a pair of smart boots – ideal for all that running he will be doing!

Ncuti Gatwa's Doctor Who outfit reveal

What Next for Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor?

2023 is going to see David Tennant back in the role of the Doctor alongside Catherine Tate as Donna Noble for 3 special episodes to mark 60 years of the show.

But after that, it’s back to the schedule we used to know in 2024, with Christmas specials coming back and Russell T. Davies promising not one year will go by without some Doctor Who in it – very exciting!

I haven’t hated everything we have gotten from Chris Chibnal over the past few years, with the latest season and specials being quite enjoyable, but I am looking forward to seeing Davies come back to the show and breathe life into it once again.

With the possibilities of new spin-offs and no long breaks between seasons/episodes, what isn’t there to be excited about?!

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