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January TBR 2023: Reading Goals

An Ambitious January TBR 2023

I only read 18 books in 2022. To be fair, I became a parent for the first time and get a lot less sleep than I used to!

But, towards the end of 2022 I started to have a little more time for reading and managed to get a few more books under my belt. Because of this I think I can finally start planning (tentatively) my January TBR 2023, and more.

I am excited for all the books I’m going to get to this year!

Springtide Harvest by J.D. Mitchell

January TBR 2023

I was supposed to read this in October 2022, then November, then December… time slips away! I literally picked it up today, so starting January 1 2023, this will be the first books I read this year.

The Seventh Cadence by Jim Willbourne

January TBR 2023

Another book that was supposed to be read at the end of last year – this January TBR 2023 is a month of catching up!

I have heard so many great things about this book, and I also have the novella also based in this world, so I’m excited to get to it. 

Unbound by Michael R. Miller

Ascendant, book 1 in the Song of Chaos series by Michael R. Miller was the last book I read in December 2022. I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to keeping the momentum going with book 2 in the series, Unbound.

There is also a prequel novella called Last Stand of the Stone Fist which is available from signing up to the author’s website. I have it on my kindle and will enjoy that quick read, although I expect it to be a tragic story, so hearts will be broken.

Illborn by Daniel T. Jackson

This book has been making its rounds on booktube and the sequel ARC has been released to a bunch of reviewers, ready for its release later this year.

I want to be caught up and in on all the fun for when book 2 comes out, so Illborn by Daniel T. Jackson is definitely a priority for this month.

The Forgetting Moon & The Blackest Heart by Brian Lee Durfee

According to the fantastic reviews this series has been getting from people like Petrik, these are some of the most underrated fantasy books out right now. I plan on reading books 1 and 2 back to back in preparation for book 3 coming out later in 2023.

January MBR 2023

There are a few more books I would like to get around to if possible in January, but I am aware that a few of the books listed above are quite long, so I might not have the time. So, here are a few extra books for my January MBR 2023.

Wistful Ascending by J.C.M. Berne 

Of Blood and Fire & Of Darkness and Light by Ryan Cahill 

January TBR 2023

A Touch of Light by Thiago Abdalla 

No Place for Peace & Where Heroes Were Born by Tom Dumbrell

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