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Springtide Harvest by J.D. Mitchell: Book Review

Spoiler-Free Springtide Harvest Book Review

Springtide Harvest by J.D. Mitchell was a fun, enjoyable adventure and a great way to start 2023. It was also a quick, easy read with interesting characters and plenty of nerve-wracking moments.

Springtide Harvest Book Review

A Fun Dungeons & Dragons Adventure

This book is essentially one big D&D adventure and it was a lot of fun. Most of the time I prefer stakes on a more epic scale in my fantasy books, but Springtide Harvest was a nice change of pace.

The plot and action itself was great, but it was the vivid descriptions of the world that kept me reading. The writing is fantastic, especially when it comes to conveying the atmosphere of a scene.

I felt like I really got to know the world through the atmospheric writing and vivid descriptions, but also through the characters’ eyes.

Large Cast of Characters

There are a lot of characters here, many as side-characters, but there is one person who stands out for me as my favourite: Froba. I knew from the first POV scene we got from her that she would be a favourite and I was right!

Haskell is a really interesting main character though. His arc is done very well, going from a naive young man seeking adventure and fame to something else entirely. This character work shines through.

It is lucky that the main characters are so well written, because for the most part I struggled to really connect with any of the others. There were just too many for such a small book, and I think that if they had been fleshed out more, we might have lost some of the great work done with Froba and Haskell.

Overall Thoughts

If you want a quick, entertaining adventure read with some great character work, pick up Springtide Harvest by J.D. Mitchell. It’s well worth a read and I look forward to seeing future books set in this world

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