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Book Review: Springtide Harvest by J. D. Mitchell

Andrew’s Review of Springtide Harvest by J. D. Mitchell

This book will catch you off guard if you let it. When I started this I was expecting something that was more on the humorous side. While that Is present in the book IT IS SO MUCH MORE.

J.D. Mitchell has taken the quest trope and turned it on its head. This book analyzes the what if your “Hero” was more than a bit naive. By asking this question the author has created a story in which the old DND quest trope is analyzed through the lens of making Haskell incredibly fallible and everything that goes with that.

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Haskell may not be the most likable of protagonists, but his story arc is necessary to the book. He gets drunk on his own imaginary legend that he has made for himself. He thinks that he is going to be this mighty hero just like his grandfather, and there is no way anything can possibly go wrong….

So what kind of story can be told if it does? That’s where this book is truly brilliant in answering just this question.

I loved the contrast between Froba and Haskell. Coming from two very different walks of life and having to somehow come together is just fantastic.

Overall I highly recommend this book to lovers of questing/ classic fantasy because I truly think it has a lot to offer!

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