Book Review: More Than A Gunslinger by J. R. Carrel

Andrew‘s Review of More Than A Gunslinger: A More Than Human Novel by J. R. Carrel

What a fantastic story!

More than a gunslinger is the first work that I have read by J.R. Carrel. I had to say that I am really impressed. This felt like a wild west, creature feature, and folklore hybrid. It’s constant fun. The pacing is breakneck and the writing is super easy to digest.

Book Review: More Than A Gunslinger by J. R. Carrel

I don’t know what it is but I just have a deep love of Fantasy Westerns. It is probably one of my favorite niche sub-genres. This story has gunslingers, vampires, ogres, minotaurs, fae, and goblins. IT just worked for me. A few critiques I have is the book-length. I feel it could have used some more pages on easing Izzy into the group. Instead, she meets them and then it just goes. I found this element a bit jarring. Also, a lot of the characters seemed to have the same sense of humor which isn’t terrible but I felt the characterization suffered from it.

Overall this was a fun story set in the wild west with creatures of the night and a ton of humor

Pacing 4/5 this book moves fast
Structure 3/5 needs a bit of tweaking to make it flow better
Characterization 3/5
Fun 4/5
Story 3.5/5 the revenge plotline is a bit thin
Inventiveness 4.5/5
Prose 3/5 super readable

Overall 4/5

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