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Eclipse by Herman Steuernagel: Book Review

Spoiler-Free Eclipse Book Review

For fans of Red Rising, here is a science fiction book you can sink your teeth into! By that I mean it has the feel of Red Rising  in places, so don’t all you massive fans of that series go nuts or something silly.

eclipse book review

I Don’t Read Much Sci-Fi

This is true – I loved Sylvain Neuvel’s Sleeping Giants and his other books, as well as everything written by Andy Weir. I have enjoyed the bits and pieces I have read from classic science fiction, such as Foundation by Isaac Asimov, but I’m picky when I read in the genre and often DNF when I’m not interested – something I rarely do with fantasy.

Eclipse was the perfect science fiction book for me! There were two storylines – one on Eclipse (a space station) and the other on Redemption (a shuttle) – and I loved them both. But, I think the story on Eclipse was my favourite, if I had to choose one.

What You Can Expect

Without spoilers, I can tell you to expect a diverse and interesting cast of characters, all with their own motivations, beliefs and traits to make them unique. I never found myself thinking one sounded a little like the other.

The plot is fantastic, with plenty of twists and turns along the way. I guessed the odd reveal, but for the most part I was kept guessing until the author wanted me to know the answer. This was a nice balance and made for a very enjoyable reading experience.

Final Thoughts

To me, Eclipse is science fiction at its best. I loved this book and would recommend it to anyone looking for an easy sci-fi to add to the top of their TBR pile.

I look forward to seeing more from the Fractured Orbit series!

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