Frontier by Grace Curtis: Book Review

Spoiler-Free Frontier Book Review

What a beautiful book! The experience of listening to Frontier over the past week or so has been incredible, and I’m so pleased I requested a review copy.

I was sent an audiobook arc from the publisher for an honest review.

Incredible Science Fiction

The worldbuilding is fantastic. We are on Earth in the distant future, but it’s not a good one. Climate change has made the planet essentially a dystopia.

This makes for a very cool story, with Western-vibes. The sense of place is incredibly well done, without unnecessary exposition.

frontier book review

The plot is a little meandering, but I actually enjoyed that aspect of the book. I would just be washing the dishes, or going for a walk with the baby in the pushchair, and disappearing into the world.  


Frontier is an experience; I don’t know how else to describe it. 

As a final thought, I haven’t mentioned the cover… that was what drew me to the book immediately and essentially made me request it! It’s beautiful!

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