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Book Review: Spare by Prince Harry

Emma‘s Review of Spare by Prince Harry

I am not a royalist or whatever, but Spare by Prince Harry was a fascinating and revealing memoir. Additionally, if you are thinking of picking this one up (if you haven’t already – I feel a little late to the party here!) I would definitely recommend the audiobook – listening to Prince Harry narrate the book, his story, was an amazing experience. 

This memoir reveals so much, not just about how badly Harry and Meghan have been treated by the press (mostly tabloids) in the UK, but also about Harry as a person. He is honest, vulnerable, and I appreciated that – it’s what you want in a memoir. 

review of spare by prince harry

From reading Spare, I have gained a more thorough understanding of what’s been misinterpreted and thrown around all over the internet by outlets looking for clicks above all else. Nuance is important – not that only reading a book from one side of this issue is particularly nuanced in general, but I’ll read an opposing view if it ever comes out (I doubt it).

Finally, I just want to mention that the proceeds of this book go to charity, so even if you are not going to read it, or you are not interested in the royals, pick it up anyway, support a charity and your local independent bookshop, and donate it to Oxfam if you can.

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