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Book Review: Burying Eva Flores by Jennifer Alsever

Spoiler-Free Review of Buring Eva Flores by Jennifer Alsever

I recieved a copy of the audiobook on Netgalley from the publisher.

review of burying eva flores

This is an enjoyable YA read, with some awesome mystery/suspense vibes. 

I received the audiobook on Netgalley and just had it on in the background all afternoon. The range of narrators made for a vivid experience of the story.

Lots of twists and turns, and a narrative structure that will keep you guessing, Burying Eva Flores is an intriguing read that will make you think; not just about what’s happening in the story, about what the answers are to your many questions, but about social media as a whole.

Easy to read and highly engaging.

Book Description

“Everyone thinks I killed Eva Flores.

Sure, I hated how everyone was over the moon about Eva’s stupid TikTok fame. And I suppose I got a little bit carried away with vengeance after the girl tried to ruin my life.

When my friend gave me that leather journal, I’d never felt so much power in my life. It was intoxicating. Who wouldn’t have done what I did to Eva?

But now, everyone thinks that just because she vanished in a local forest in the middle of the night that, “hey, of course Sophia killed her.” They point to the blood found on the jackets. The text messages. The slightly weird thing I had with Eva’s dad. And the fire.

But the whole thing is far more complicated than you’d think.

So what happened to the horribly obnoxious Eva Flores at the end of the school year? I can’t really say.”

Perfect for fans of Holly Jackson and Karen M. McManus, Burying Eva Flores unwinds the mystery of two very different rivals with text messages, documentary interviews and more. If you’re looking for an unputdownable thriller with supernatural suspense, then pick up Burying Eva Flores today!

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